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Sugar Mama: Plant Based Desserts (Ebook)


This cookbook (ebook in PDF format) is for dessert lovers everywhere.

Sugar Mama is ALL about desserts and features my top recipes, tips, techniques, methods, and troubleshooting advice for baking delicious and delectable plant based desserts.

This ebook is for bakers and non-bakers alike. I've carefully written it in a clear and concise format to assist you in creating the most magnificent, and delicious desserts of your life. If you've failed at baking in the past, here is the opportunity to redeem yourself.

The concept of the book sprang from something simple. A need.

Sweets are a necessity in most people's lives, (self included), but often times, we "fall off the wagon' , and consume a traditional dessert when the craving kicks in. No more.

Sugar Mama will guide you through the world of Plant Based Baking, you will surprise yourself and your family and friends with your creations. All you have to do is follow my recipes, and remember to consume them in moderation, as dessert is an indulgence. ;-)

Topics include:

- Plant Based Egg Substitutes
- Plant Based Milk Substitutes
- Plant Based Butter Substitutes
- How To Read A Recipe
- Baking Tips (including Tips for Making Muffins, Quick Breads, Cookies, Baking The Perfect Cake, & Troubleshooting Tips for Cookies & Cakes)

100% Plant Based Dessert Recipes include:

- Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
- Spelt Biscuits
- Vegan Pancakes
- Chocolate Brownies
- Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Pine Nut Anise Cookies
- Chocolate Cake
- Carrot Cake
- Lemon Cheesecake
- Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes
- Chocolate Almond Brittle
- Almond Butter Cups
- Double Chocolate Truffles
- Stuffed Dates
- Vanilla Shake
- Coconut Whipped Cream
- Chocolate Frosting & more!

Sounds yummy, right??????

Recipe Chapters include:

- Muffins
- Quick Breads
- Cookies
- Cakes
- Cupcakes
- Candies
- Shakes
- Frostings
- Sauces
- Pie Crusts

Sugar Mama includes my favorite plant based dessert recipes that I have lovingly prepared for my family, friends, and in my previous baking business.

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