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Health Coaching Services are available to clients who are ready to make the switch to a plant based lifestyle at an accelerated pace, but are at a loss in terms of where to start and how to proceed.

Realizing that optimal support would be highly beneficial to their success, they seek the services of an experienced health coach.

Having a coach has many benefits, and takes the fuss, stress, and feeling of being overwhelmed with information and choices out of the equation.

It also creates an area of accountability for the client as well as an opportunity for the to tap into over 14 years of valuable education, personal experience, and extensive knowledge from Assata pertaining to a plant based lifestyle.

Coaching services are billed at a rate of $95 per hour and are structured in various ways and increments of time to suit the client's schedule and needs.

Acceptance into our Coaching Program is based on availability, compatibility, willingness, and discipline of the client.

Currently, Assata accepts no more than 5 clients per month.

Email us for details regarding availability, pricing, and booking.

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