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In the beginning, there were single cell organisms, and then there was plant life....

At Plant Life Vegan Foods, our focus is just that, plants!

We're seriously committed to sharing information and knowledge about the miraculous healing power of plants via food consumption, and intake of herbs for natural healing.

We are a fact based, scientific lifestyle brand that focuses heavily on fasting, cleansing, nutrition, and herbs, with a concentration on whole foods and electric foods, based on the African Bio Mineral Balance Therapy Program, a methodology created by the late, Dr. Sebi.

We also support those wishing to transition to a plant based lifestyle, from a diet primarily focused on flesh, and offer programs and services that support individual needs and preferences. You may email us for additional information regarding our one-on-one client services.

Our mission is to spread the message of health and healing, and to empower and inspire those who are ready to take the leap to the Plant Lifestyle.

Although we are not new to utilizing plants for nutrition and healing, our company is fairly new, and is still developing products and services to fit our customer's needs and lifestyles so please continue to check our site and follow us on our social media platforms for the latest updates on products, services, and new research regarding nutrition.

Thanks for stopping by.

We love and support you and your goals!

Congratulations on taking an integral step towards your health!

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